Privacy Policy

Dorito Hotelier S.A. DE C.V. representative of Hotel Alexander, with address at Pedregal 24 Colonia Molino Del Rey Alcaldia Miguel Hidalgo Cp 11040, Mexico City; Internet portal, is responsible for the use and protection of your data, and in this regard we inform you of the following:

Who is and how to contact our data protection coordinator?

Our data protection coordinator is the person within Alexander Hotel whom our general director has formally appointed to promote and ensure the protection of the personal data that we have in our possession, as well as to address the rights of the owners. For everything related to the treatment and protection of your data, you can contact our data protection coordinator by sending an email to the following address:

For what purposes will we use your data?

We will use the personal data that we collect from you for the following purposes that are necessary to provide you with our services:

  • Complete reservations or requests for information,
  • Buy products or services,
  • Register for partner programs,
  • Submit job applications,
  • Respond to communications we send you (for example, surveys, promotional offers, or reservation confirmations),
  • Satisfy your personal preferences,
  • Complete requests for services or recommendations that we offer you work with third parties, including collecting public usage information from social event websites, help us better understand your interests and provide a more personalized service,
  • Use our applications on your electronic devices or
  • Make it more accessible to transmit messages to a friend’s email if you wish.

Additionally, we will use your personal information for the following secondary purposes that are not necessary to provide you with the requested services but that allow us to serve you better and promote our services:

  • Send you information about Hotel Alexander
  • Send you promotions from our rewards programs.
  • Conduct surveys to evaluate your satisfaction and the quality of our services.
  • Marketing, advertising, commercial prospecting

If you do not want your data to be processed for the secondary purposes indicated, or any of them, from this moment, you can inform us of the above by sending an email to

The refusal to use your data for these purposes cannot be a reason for us to deny you the services you request or contract with us, and you have five business days to let us know, without prejudice to whether you subsequently decide to exercise your right. of revocation or opposition.

What personal data do we collect and use about you?

The type of personal information we collect may include your name, personal and professional address as well as email addresses, telephone and fax numbers, credit card information, date of birth, gender, and information related to your lifestyle, such as room preferences, recreational activities, names and ages of children and any other necessary information that is useful to fulfill special requests (e.g., health data, which is considered sensitive personal data).

Hotel Alexander may also collect information that is not considered personally identifiable, such as your use of our websites, your communication preferences, travel habits, aggregated data related to your accommodations, and responses to promotional offers and surveys. Please note that to protect your information better, you should only include credit card information in your electronic communication if we specifically request it to complete the processing of a reservation or transaction on our brand websites or in our customer service centers.

Who do we share your personal information with, and for what purposes?

We inform you that your data may be transferred within the country with the following natural or legal persons without you being legally required to grant us your consent:

  • When we have your consent.
  • In situations where it is necessary to transfer your data to offer you the products or services you want (for example, a vacation package).
  • When this information is required by companies or service providers that conduct business on behalf of Hotel Alexander (e.g., credit card processing, customer service, market research administration, or database administration services).
  • If Hotel Alexander merges or is acquired by another company.
  • To comply with legal or regulatory requirements and obligations established in applicable legislation or as a result of a court order or subpoena.
  • In emergencies, such as saving the life or preserving the health or property of a person.

If Hotel Alexander shares information in the terms indicated above, we will limit the scope of the data provided to what is necessary to carry out the specific function. Unless excluded by legal proceedings, we will require third parties to protect your information and comply with applicable personal data protection laws and regulations.

If you do not express your refusal to make these transfers, which you can do by emailing our data protection coordinator, we will understand that you have given us your consent.

How can you access, rectify, cancel your data, or oppose its use?

You have the right to know what personal data we have about you, what we use it for, and the conditions of use we give it (Access). Likewise, it is your right to request the correction of your personal information if it is outdated, inaccurate, or incomplete (Rectification); that we delete it from our records or databases when we consider that it is not being used appropriately (Cancellation); as well as oppose the use of your data for specific purposes (Opposition) in the terms permitted by the applicable regulations. These rights are known as PRIVATE DATA INFORMATION rights.

To exercise any of the PRIVATE DATA INFORMATION rights, you may submit the respective request through an email addressed to our data protection coordinator, who will inform you about the procedure and requirements for the exercise of these rights and answer any questions or comments you may have. Likewise, you can exercise your PRIVATE DATA INFORMATION rights by requesting and requesting the corresponding form at the reception of Hotel Alexander, which is called “Request for DATA PRIVACY Rights.” Subsequently, our data protection coordinator will follow up on your request in compliance with applicable regulations.

You can revoke the consent that you have given us. However, you must keep in mind that not in all cases will your request be appropriate, or we will be able to terminate the use immediately since it is possible that due to some legal obligation, we will need to continue processing your data. For specific purposes, the revocation of your consent will mean that we cannot continue providing you with the service you requested from us or the conclusion of your relationship with us.

To revoke your consent, you must submit your request by email to our data protection coordinator, who will inform you about the procedure and requirements for exercising this right and will address any questions or comments you may have in this regard. Likewise, you can exercise your right of revocation by requesting the corresponding form at the reception of Hotel Alexander called “Request for DATA PRIVACY Rights.” Subsequently, our data protection coordinator will follow up on your request in compliance with applicable regulations.

How can you limit the use or disclosure of your personal information?

In addition to the procedure contemplated in the immediately preceding section, you can limit the use or disclosure of your data in the following ways:

  • Register in the Public Registry to Avoid Advertising of the Federal Consumer Protection Agency. For more information regarding this option, contact PROFECO directly or visit the link:
  • Send an email to our data protection coordinator requesting your registration on the “Hotel Alexander Advertising Exclusion List” to avoid receiving promotional information about our products and services.

What is the authority in charge of ensuring the protection of personal data?

The Federal Institute of Access to Information and Data Protection (IFAI) is the authority in charge of monitoring due observance of legal provisions regarding personal data protection. For more information, you can consult the following Internet page:

Online technologies

Hotel Alexander and its business partners may use cookies and web beacons to obtain information about you while you visit our websites. A “cookie” is a small text file we send to your browser from a web server stored on your computer’s hard drive. Hotel Alexander cookies assign a unique identifier to your computer, which becomes your identification card each time you visit a Hotel Alexander website.

Cookies were designed to save you time by helping us provide a personalized service without reminding us of your preferences each time you visit our web pages. Hotel Alexander cookies are not designed to damage your files or read the information you store on your computer’s hard drive. Cookies can also help us provide you with a personalized online service in the following ways:

  • They remember your username and password for future visits, making login more accessible and faster
  • They ensure that you have the right frameworks and content.
  • They ensure that you receive all the information requested.
  • They help them provide you with communications that are relevant and related to your interests and location.

Hotel Alexander cookies are limited to our websites only and are not designed to track you as you browse the Internet once you have left Hotel Alexander-owned websites. We track the use of our websites so that we can best meet your needs and help you find information more easily in the future. Please note that in addition to Hotel Alexander “cookies,” third parties may place cookies on your computer’s hard drive. Hotel Alexander is not responsible for the presence or absence of third-party “cookies,” or for the technological functions or practices these third parties may use concerning their cookies.

If you prefer not to enjoy the benefits of “cookies,” you can configure your Internet browser to treat these cookies differently. Depending on your browser type, you may configure your browser to (i) ask you to accept or reject cookies individually or (ii) prevent the acceptance of any type of cookies. You should consult the provider or manufacturer of your Internet browser for specific details on cookie security. However, you should also consider that rejecting cookies could hinder certain website operations and our ability to recognize your browser from one visit to the next.

Links to other websites

To anticipate your needs, Hotel Alexander offers links to other websites for your benefit and information. Hotel Alexander is not responsible for the content provided or included on any independent website, including, without limitation, any advertising claims or commercial practices. While Hotel Alexander will protect information on websites it owns and operates, we cannot control and assume no responsibility for the privacy policies of third-party websites, including websites owned or controlled by franchisees, independents, and other owners of hotels, resorts, timeshares, or residential properties who may use the name of a Hotel Alexander brand or websites that are not controlled or authorized by Hotel Alexander. Third-party websites accessible through links on our websites have different privacy and data collection practices and security measures. We assume no responsibility for the practices, policies, and security measures implemented by third parties on their websites. We encourage you to contact them and ask about their privacy practices, policies, and security measures before disclosing any INFORMATION. We recommend you review the privacy policies and statements applicable to linked websites to understand how these sites collect, manipulate, and store information.

How can you find out about changes to this privacy notice?

This privacy notice may be modified, changed, or updated due to new legal requirements, our own needs for the products or services we offer, our privacy practices, Changes in our business model, or other causes.
We are committed to keeping you informed about any changes this privacy notice may undergo through our Internet portal, which we ask you to visit frequently to learn about any changes the privacy notice may have undergone.
The procedure through which notifications about changes or updates to this privacy notice will be carried out is as follows: The current version of the privacy notice will be published on our Internet portal, with the date of the most recent update, and you can Consult this updated version by accessing the following link

House Rules

Welcome to Alexander. This will be a unique experience!

In order to provide you with better service, have a harmonious coexistence and comply with local regulations, we ask that you read and observe the following House Rules.

Your room:

Registration. All Alexander guests must register at the front desk prior to arrival, providing all personal information specified on the registration card, providing a form of payment guarantee and identification.

Alexander offers lodging services, with American breakfast and minibar with non-alcoholic drinks included according to internal standards, only for registered guests.

The room is delivered at 15:00 on the day of your arrival and must be vacated at 12:00 on the day of your departure. If you stay longer, an automatic charge of 50% of your rate is made; We ask you to consult with Reception on the day of departure if it is possible to make a late check out at no additional cost. If necessary, you can store your luggage at the Reception.

External guests. For security and privacy reasons, your guests must be announced and must register. The areas allowed for guests are the lobby in the Bar area, subject to availability and charges for consumption.

Housekeeping service is provided daily, in addition to the nightly courtesy. Our staff will not enter your room if the guest is inside, unless with the guest’s request or authorization. If you do not wish to leave the room, please inform Reception of the desired cleaning service time.

Access to occupied rooms. If a guest has a Do Not Disturb card or does not leave the room within a 24-hour period and there is no report of activity in the room, Alexander management may call, knock and access the room p
to ensure the health and integrity of the guest.

You have a safe inside the room, we ask that you keep any valuables in it as we are not responsible for any lost items.

If you lose your room key, please report it to the Reception

Speakers. If you want to listen to music inside your room, try to keep the volume discreet. The use of personal speakers outside is not permitted. We ask you to use your personal headphones.

Room amenities, robes, sheets and pillows are for the exclusive use of the hotel.

Any damage made to your room, white stains or mistreatment of furniture will have an additional charge corresponding to the damage, this will be indicated to you when you check out of the hotel.

Items for sale. If you are interested in bringing bedding, robes, towels, books, electronics, room art or others, please inform us to give you the price and verify availability; the charge will be made to your account directly.

Access to pets is not allowed
Access to minors is not allowed

Our services:

Our Bar restaurant is open from 7:00 am to 23:00 pm. We suggest you make a reservation.

Breakfast is open from 7:00 am to 11:30 am, with charged to your room.

Room Service is available 24 hours with a limited “All Day Menu”. A service fee of 20% applies to consumption.

A corkage charge will be made if you bring your own drinks or food

The SPA is open from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. Services outside this time are possible with previous reservation and subject to availability.

Valet Parking. The hotel provides a parking area, we have valet parking service provided by an external company. Alexander is not responsible for objects forgotten in the vehicle or for damages that it may suffer, any claim will be directly from the guest to the valet parking company.

Other Services. Alexander offers additionally, at a cost, laundry services, arrangement of excursion services and lodging service upgrades that may include additional amenities.

Laundry services are governed by the times, prices and conditions specified in the laundry list in the closet of your room.

All services for your stay must be paid for at the time of booking, or sign the authorization of the charge for payment upon departure.

All services provided by external parties are subject to the service, payment and cancellation policies of each provider and Alexander has no interference or responsibility over them.

The fitness center is open 24 hours from Monday to Sunday. We offer a personal trainer. For reservations please visit us at the fitness center desk.

Medical services. Contact the reception to request them. All medical services and medications are charged to your account or payable directly to the service provider.

Cancellation of services. If you have a massage, tour or transportation appointment, consider the information provided during your confirmation, avoid any penalty if you make any changes or cancellations.


In accordance with the federal tobacco control law, all areas of the hotel are smoke-free spaces; The penalty for not following this point is $450 USD for each occasion.

For items left in Alexander, we will keep them for up to 30 days. Shipping costs, if applicable, must be covered by the guest.

Medical emergency. When the guest cannot communicate with the hotel staff that assists him, Alexander may call the medical services he deems appropriate. The resulting charges must be covered by the guest.

Any incident during your stay, please report it immediately to the Reception staff, we will be happy to help you.

Alexander has 24-hour staff available. We will be happy to help you by dialing reception.

Alexander reserves the right to request the early departure of guests who do not respect public spaces, our facilities, other guests, our staff or the laws in force in Mexico City, without obligation to return any deposit of payments received.

Alexander reserves the right to call the appropriate authorities in case of any violation of local laws or in case of injury to our facilities, other guests or our staff.

Privacy policy, please review it at this link.
Política de privacidad Alexander

The solution of cases not specified in this Regulation remains under the criteria of Alexander’s direction